Education is about creating leaders for tomorrow.

Who We Are

As a flower unfolds with grace and ease, so too should our children. Transformed Education serves as a platform to validate and empower an educational philosophy and vision to nurture this blooming process– engaging  the heart/mind/body/soul.  Let’s share and learn from one another.

Honoring the Whole Child

We recognize the Living, Dynamic spirit within the child, teen, and adult. We explore ways to honor the Whole human being.  We celebrate a spirit of life-long learning and promote leading thinkers and their works.  We invite contributions to the Resource Library we are collectively growing. 

Our Vision

This webpage offers a doorway towards building community of like mind —those  who feel called to address the need for Soulful education. It provides a  forum to request consultation, to share ideas, and to build professional relationships as we work towards  vitalizing and transforming education. We are a community that embraces the dynamic power within Education to  shape both minds and hearts to be active agents of meaningful change.  Mission:  To empower educational pathways to deepen in philosophy and work centered in the belief that we are in an awakening process to the power and beauty of the Soul within.

Honoring the Whole Child

Jill Dianne Bittinger has been a Multicultural Arts Educator for 10 years and  Montessori Lead for 15 years. Deeply committed towards a vision of education as a  multifold process that must touch hearts as well as minds honoring emotions in the  process, she is currently working on a book. Transformed Education: The Role of  Soul.

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