Join in on a transformative journey of education. 

It is clear that the human being needs guidance from an early stage. However, much of the current approach to education falls short because it focuses on mental achievement without sufficient regard for the living spirit within, nor seeking to nurture individuality.

In her mission to unite body, mind and spirit in learning environments, Bittinger advocates for big picture thinking that can embrace even the small child. By exploring the intersection of science and spirituality, we offer pathways for personal growth and the nurture of our children with heightened awareness and sensitivity.  Bittinger seeks to empower and uplift educators and parents by inviting them to embrace a cosmic lens in their perception of education. A lens that invites us all to a shared vision of a cooperative world in which education can play a meaningful role in the purposeful evolution of our human species.



Cosmic Education for all

In a materialistic culture, with so many forces from the outside pushing in, how do we give space, time, and value to the inner part that wants to push out? How do we nurture the soulful self that seeks expression? Any parent of a strong-willed child, or teacher of a roomful of many personalities, knows that this dynamic is a balancing act. Fundamentally, we seek to integrate the Great Mystery of life itself—a conversation that we secretly yearn to understand in order to grasp the essence of our individual lives and the significance of our personal story. And yes! It is a conversation that belongs in our schools and learning environments.

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