Jill Dianne is a lifelong learner and educator.  She has served as a performing and teaching artist, Montessori Lead, STEAM charter school elementary teacher and college-level Program Supervisor for teachers in training.  She is a speaker at educational conferences Education 2.0 and GFEL (Global Forum for Education and Learning), author, video creator and Educational Consultant.

Jill shares, “ I empower teachers from all learning environments to create positive and lasting uplift. My mission is to help both teachers and students find inspiration, creativity, and joy by uniting body, mind, and spirit. By addressing the challenges such as student engagement, time management, and the social-emotional health of both teachers and students, I help learning environments to be at their best.

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Cultivating Collaboration

Are you an impassioned educator ready to creatively collaborate? Or, perhaps you have unique tech or marketing skills and are ready to contribute to a valuable mission!

Courses in the process of development and ready for team building:

Balanced Education: Integrating Mind, Body, Spirit for K-12 Excellence

The Power of Presence: Mindful connection to the Heart

Holistic Curriculum for Maximum Well Being in Learning Environments