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Consultation with Ms. Jill Dianne

Are you on the brink of burnout as an educator? Tired of the question, “Will this be on the test?”  Looking for solutions to re-engage your students and provide a holistic learning environment– yet perhaps hitting a dead end?

I’m here to shed light on the secret to turning it all around.

We are a solutions-oriented business and coalescing community of people who care deeply about the earth and its people.  We offer pathways of rejuvenation through connection to Self; expanded community through connection to Others, Deepening appreciation for Nature, Learning Tolerance for all.  We create collaborative solutions for pressing problems:

  • Disengaged learners, 
  • Burned-out teachers
  • School bullies & violence
  • Disenchantment
  • Disconnection

We have the solutions that you seek by addressing the needs of both the whole educator and the whole child: body, mind, emotions, and the Spirit within.

We are presently in the Research and Development phase of Learning Apps to expand the mind and connect hearts.

At present, you can schedule coaching with Jill Dianne while these courses take shape.

Coaching with Jill Dianne

Jill is a life-long teacher who brings her authentic care, coaching expertise, communications tool-bag, creative spirit and many strategies to integrate mind, body and spirit within the educational context.  Through collaboration, you will cooperatively design a unique program with Jill for your specific needs.

Video welcome message from Jill

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About Jill Dianne:

Ms. Bittinger brings 10 years of Dance Arts performance and instruction,  and 15 years of Elementary instruction in Montessori, private and charter school settings.  She is author of: Teaching with the Soul in Mind: Connecting Content, Community and the Creative Spirit and Peace Education: Our Time is Now.  Through her extensive experience, she has learned the value of Plato’s statement

When we can perceive our soulful selves, deeply connected to the realm of the emotions and the flame that ignites and empowers the inner spirit, we understand that motivation is critical in the Educational approach.

Through approaching Elementary Education in a Holistic way, we pave pathways for deeper connection:  with Self, the community, and outward  to the Earth and all its people

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