Coaching with Jill:  

Jill brings her wealth of Montessori whole child/ whole educator principles to apply to your unique learning environment.  During the initial free consultation, you will discuss your goals.  Jill will then plot out a unique coaching path for your particular needs.  


For only $497, a 3 month program will be designed by Jill and fine-tuned with your guidance.  It will include coursework, weekly check-ins, and video course “Insights and Inspiration,”  referrals and access to the group support calls.


Programs to Choose from are:

  • Montessori Principles in the Homeschool environment.
  • Montessori Principles in Traditional School Settings
  • Peace Education and Mindfulness in any  Learning environments

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Schedule a free fifteen minute consultation to talk about your specific needs and how she can bring her talents in social-emotional learning, Soulful Education, Peace Curriculum and Multicultural Dance Arts to your Learning Community!

Jill Dianne Bittinger has been a Multicultural Arts Educator for  10 years and Montessori Lead for 15 years. Deeply committed  towards a vision of education as a powerful pathway for  transformative change —one that must touch hearts as well as  minds, she presently cultivates a community of Educational Leaders through.

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