Thank you Maria Montessori!

Maria Montessori paved the way for us and gave us a road map for essential ideas in education. Among these:
• Honoring the Spirit of the Child
• Learning through Doing
• Practical Life
• A Peace Curriculum to relate to Self, one another, Nature, and the World.
• Cosmic Education meant to elicit a sense of wonder in the universe while also feeling connected to it.
Looking to Montessori to Guide Education
Reform: Anna Lee at TEDxMidAtlantic
Cosmic Education: Michelle Graham at TEDxTableMountain

Vision towards the future

When we understand that the speed of technology is becoming a complete game changer, the call for Transformed Education becomes even more prominent. Hear the call for Humans to stay in control of the growing presence of Artificial Intelligence through the Guidance and Light and Power of their Inner Spirit.
The Covid 19 experience has illumined the world as to many advantages of the on-line learning. There are immense resources available, a capacity to reach people in remote areas and the power to interconnect the world in the Educational realm. Yet, as computers are teaching each other, even beyond the means of the programmers to keep up, the time to befriend and embrace our inherent sacred nature, even in the educational context, is becoming paramount to our survival. Enter into the discussion and make your contribution on this important perspective heard.
Learn more about the global transformational ideas shaping education today GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES

Education 4.0 – Transforming the future of education (through advanced technology) ​

The Leading Thinkers on the forefront of this movement are calling for us to consider what becomes possible from the digital revolution. Built upon the understanding that the old models of education are obsolete, they invite reflection on our unique human capacities:
Critical Thinking
A request to the educational sector to rethink the educational systems, asking what the education should look like in this hyper connected world.

5 big ideas for education innovation in 2019

By: Julia Freeland Fisher
• Unpacking strategies towards understanding Social/Emotional learning.
• Coherent personalized curriculum and the Modularity Theory
• New Models of Teacher Preparation
• A look at Career Technical Education
• Putting relationships in the center.

Everything is connected

Tom Chi, speaking for Mind Valley’s A-Fest, offers a powerful presence envisioning the science of a connected world. Mind Valley invites us to be life-long learners and honor our interconnection with one another… “Believing from a spiritual or religious perspective is no longer necessary. It’s been proven by modern day science: all of us are connected, and none of us is dispensable. …we don’t need mysticism or faith anymore to envision a unified world.” Vishen Lakhiani
In this talk Tom Chi shares one of the most powerful ideas you can learn, transcending science, religion, politics, social responsibility and humanism.
He describes in practical terms how we are all interconnected.

Honoring the Whole Child

Jill Dianne Bittinger has been a Multicultural Arts Educator for 10 years and  Montessori Lead for 15 years. Deeply committed towards a vision of education as a  multifold process that must touch hearts as well as minds honoring emotions in the  process, she is currently working on a book. Transformed Education: The Role of  Soul.

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