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  • Having the privilege of becoming a mother to this beautiful boy gave me a whole new  commitment towards the future. It is his presence in my life that led me to discover  Montessori Education. I found there a treasure trove of children and their parents that  are deeply committed to Read More
  • It is time to recognize that the angle of overall teaching has produced an amazing level  of technological achievement, but is not one which has uplifted our quality of life in a  Soulful way. This is so because we come from our relationship to science through an  approach that can Read More
  • “Averting war is the work of politicians; establishing peace is the work of  education.” Maria Montessori  For peace to have a chance to take root in our lives, it is an inside job first.  Only by bridging mind and heart, feelings and actions, do we begin to  integrate the knowledge Read More
  • ASCD Whole Child Learning Compact, Conscious Education: The Bridge to Freedom. Philip S. Gang, Ph.D., Nina Meyerhof  Lynn, Ed.D., Dorothy J. Maver, PhD. 1992. Dagaz Press.  Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education. Lou  Aronica, Ken Robinson PhD. Narrated by: Ken Robinson PhD. Unabridged Audiobook,  Release date: 05-12-15. Read More
  • As the environmental bell rings ever louder, many realize it is a time for bridge-building  as never before. The multiplicity of environmental and social crises call upon us to understand  that we cannot continue to turn a blind eye without consequence. At the tipping point, it  becomes a question of Read More
  • How long must we ignore the compelling question of “Soul” within the  classroom?  Do we not already know of the arid zone of academics alone—dry of emotion and  passion in the lonely desert of knowledge without deeper meaning? As a planetary  people, we have arrived at a point in which Read More

Honoring the Whole Child

Jill Dianne Bittinger has been a Multicultural Arts Educator for 10 years and  Montessori Lead for 15 years. Deeply committed towards a vision of education as a  multifold process that must touch hearts as well as minds honoring emotions in the  process, she is currently working on a book. Transformed Education: The Role of  Soul.

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