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Jill Dianne states: My experience as a Montessori Educator has served my passion to ignite the love of learning in all ages. I consciously cultivate social/ emotional intelligence in conjunction with academic development. I enjoy working with a dynamic, creative team to make a positive difference. My career reflects a lifetime of exploration and contribution to that which can lift us to our highest selves-integrating mind, body and Soul.

Jill Dianne Bittinger has been a Multicultural Arts Educator for  10 years and Montessori Lead for 15 years. Deeply committed  towards a vision of education as a powerful pathway for  transformative change —one that must touch hearts as well as  minds, she presently cultivates a community of Educational Leaders through

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Beginning in New York as an Arts Educator and Dance performer, I witnessed the powerful role the Arts can play to connect with Self and Others in the Educational Process. Developing as a Montessori Educator illuminated the previous years available in early education and the value of the Whole Child approach. It is a gift to both the child and adult to cultivate independence, a strong desire to learn, and a sense of wonder in considering the immensity of the universe and our place within it. Working in the Mexican Caribbean at Modern Academy Cancun facilitated becoming bilingual and growing in cultural understanding while deepening in the whole child approach, seeking to honor interconnectivity and building bridges of cultural understanding. 

I have devoted my life towards understanding the education of the Whole Human Being and perfecting my pedagogy in the mind/body/spirit connection. With a BA in Psychology from ULV, MA in Dance Education from UCLA, AZ Teaching Certification from Rio Salado, and Montessori Certification in both Primary and Elementary, I have come to more deeply value whole child education and to celebrate the pathway of lifelong learning.

Presently, in all pathways of education, there is a calling to nurture the Light within, to develop emotional intelligence, and to connect children to their own wonder in this gift of life. For necessary change to take place in education, collaboration is key. Inspired educators elevate and motivate students. Inspired students elevate their community. 

I hold the Vision for a hopeful tomorrow. Energized, creative Individuals of all ages and races cultivating their unique set of talents and perspectives, empowered to resolve the pressing issues of today


Parenting as a Call to Vision the Future

Having the privilege of becoming a mother to this beautiful boy gave me a whole new commitment towards the future. It is his presence in my life that led me to discover Montessori Education. I found there a treasure trove of children and their parents that are deeply committed to the vision of health and beauty for our planet and its people.

“Envisioning a World in Harmony: The power of Collective vision” with artwork by Leo Tanguma”

At the time I took this photo in Denver International Airport, the images of unity, harmony, peace, and regeneration of the Earth’s living treasures were in stark contrast to the other road of destruction. The art of both forced us to consider the dichotomy of thriving versus. surviving that we face today. This image of Life that I choose to empower and to advocate holds the vision of full health of the planet and unity of its people. It is a vision that can only take place through the power of our collective Presence to this vision of a hopeful tomorrow.


The idea of Collective Conscious Evolution, through Education, is an invitation to feel an authentic personal connection to the mystery of the universe and co-creation within it.  Co-Creation is about connecting deeply with your own soulful nature, and with one another, lifting to a vision of our best selves.  Through this site, we are actively exploring and engaging in this conversation.  Transformed Education models always consider the whole child, and the whole educator.


Reach for the Light.

Touch the heart as well as the head.

Energize the body

Nurture the Spirit within.


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