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This website cultivates community within those who hear and respond to the call to Transform Education. Actively moving it from dry models of transmitting information, this community embraces the dynamic power within Education to shape both minds and hearts to be active agents of meaningful change.  

  Here is a forum to express ideas worth sharing and strategies that are working.  Add your voice! Be a part of our community! 

At this time, this site is not advertised in order for it to be a working platform to learn the art of web building while products are being developed.

If you feel called to become a part of the Transforming Education movement, reach out and communicate and let's build together.



Jill D. Bittinger


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Jill D. Bittinger has devoted her life towards understanding education of the Whole Human Being. A proponent of conscious evolution, Jill has deeply studied psychology and brain development, dance and the arts, emotional and spiritual development, and pedagogy--the art of teaching. Jill has served in the roles of: performer, teaching artist, assistant and Lead Teacher, teaching groups from ages 3-93 and celebrates being a life long learner.


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