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Examples of the Curriculum products that we offer:

For Children:


A movie in the making to build upon the Five Great Lesson of Cosmic Education (a fundamental aspect of the Junior Elementary Montessori Classroom).  The Sixth Great Lesson moves beyond the realm of scientific materialism which views the steps of evolution as happenstance to highlight the amazing order of our universe. It weaves in the sacred geometrical relationships between sound and nature and how it can be seen in society through the ages.  It acknowledges the aspects are yet a mystery today, even to scientists, and invokes a sense of wonder--inviting the viewers into further investigation for their own selves, and to contribute to the knowledge base.


Looking at the fundamental principals of Sacred Geometry and finding it within nature and history makes math move beyond mere calculation and provides the foundation for a dynamic relationship with the foundations for Spiritual Science.

Geometry as a bridge to principles of Math in Nature and Sound provide the guide to understanding the Universe in its perfection.

For Adults:


In order to establish any lasting peace, adults must help cultivate the way of peace education both within the classroom and the home.  This movie presentation establishes the necessity of it and provides many concrete ideas in how to implement peace models in ways that children can own it and implement it for themselves.


Numbers can provide us more than a path to computation and Geometry offers us a doorway to understanding much more than the definition of the different shapes! When math can truly be understood to represent relationships, worlds open up before us. We are able to see the significance of math in both historical and cultural terms. We recognize the import and mystery of ancient temples throughout the world. It gives us no less than a key to opening the door towards understanding the order of the universe.

As we witness the potential of the crumbling nature of society that has forgotten it’s sacred connection to universal order, it is time for us to intentionally weave this fundamental education back into the path that is meant to prepare our children for life, as well as to enrich the our lives as adults.

As we discover the sacred geometric relationships, we learn also of the significance of the relationship these different forms have to sound. The study of cymetrics allows us to observe first hand the organizational pattern of different tones through seeing how a substance like loose sand forms into perfect geometrical shapes.  We learn of resonant frequencies and their relationship to mental and physical health in many other studies as well. A significant one of these is the work of Professor Emoto who examined the sacred geometry of frozen water crystals and what puts them in balance and symmetry, as well as what influences destroy that beauty.

This film is meant to educate adults that they may more effectively educate children.

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Building community

Links to others' websites of like mind, supporting one another in this planetary call for action.

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Cosmic Education for All

"Cosmic Education" is a termed coined by Maria Montessori to provide a framework for the intent to spark wonder in the miraculousness of the universe, inspiring further investigation for one's own self.  Now, more than ever, this concept must bridge beyond the parameters of the Montessori tradition and be invited to be applied to all, children and adults alike.  Only when we recognize that we are an inherent part of an ordered and profoundly interconnected universe can we fully honor our part within it.


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Transforming Education Together

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Welcome! You have entered this portal, a doorway to a budding community of educational practitioners. We provide a supportive forum to explore what works in vitalizing education so it honors the whole human being, touching the heart as well as the head, energizing the body,  and nurturing the spirit within.

As a start-up, we are actively cultivating partnership with those whom have curriculum and products that works.  Use this forum and exciting growing community to become an active force in transforming education.



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